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At WLY transmission, we have been manufacturing high quality gear drives for powertrains for over 45 years. One of our core products is the low input speed worm gear reducer.

How to choose a worm gear box?


Helix angle

The efficiency of worm gear transmission mainly depends on the helix angle of the worm. Generally, multi-threaded worms and gears are more efficient than single-threaded worms.



The choice of brand lubricating oil is an important factor in improving the efficiency of worm gearboxes. The friction and heat of the worm gear action can be reduced due to proper lubrication.


material selection

For the worm shaft, the material should be hardened steel. The worm gear material should be aluminum bronze. Reduced worm gear friction by reducing worm gear hardness.

Introduction of worm gear box

The most important application of worm gears is in worm gear boxes. Worm gearboxes are called worm reduction gearboxes, worm gear reducers or worm drive gearboxes. It consists of worm gear, shaft, bearing and box frame.
The worm gear, shaft and bearing loads are supported by the casing. Therefore, the gearbox housing must have sufficient rigidity. Otherwise, the transmission quality will be degraded. Due to the advantages of durability, transmission ratio, small size, strong self-locking ability and simple structure, worm gear boxes are often used in a wide range of industries: turntables or turntables, batching systems, automatic feeding machinery, stackers, belt conveyors Machines, farm picking trucks and other automation industries.

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